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Cross Border Seminars

The idea of Cross-Border seminars came into existence in 2005 as an initiative of Euroguidance centres of three neighbouring countries – Austria, Czech Republic, and Slovakia. Please go here to find out more: Cross-Border Seminars

Other Events, Conferences and Seminars in Europe



International peer learning seminar

International Euroguidance seminar „Supporting and developing talents“

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15 - 18Nov2016

IAEVG Annual Conference 2016

Promoting Equity through Guidance and Counseling. Reflection, Action, Impact.

Venue: TBC

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Stand Out in a Global Market Leeds

Stand Out in a Global Market is Aspire International's annual event looking at the full range of opportunities offered by international mobility

Venue: The Carriage Works

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Other Events, Conferences and Seminars outside Europe


23 - 25Oct2016

IIE Summit on Generation Study Abroad

Bringing commitment partners together to build change

Venue: Washington DC, U.S.A.

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16 - 19Nov2016

CIEE Annual Conference

Venue: Los Angeles, California

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