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•  Study abroad and discover
                  Theme Edition: Mobility                                          yourself

                                                                                •  ”Learning mobility easily
                                                                                   becomes a privilege for those
                                                                                   who are already privileged”
                                                                                   Interview with Søren Kristensen,
                                                                                   PhD, Denmark

                                                                                •  Student mobility counselling –
                                                                                   who is involved?

                                                                                •  Summary: The extended
                                                                                   understanding of international

                                                                                •  Finnish guidance professionals
                                                                                   touring the world with critical
                                                                                   eyes and open minds

                                                                                •  Info4Migrants website launched

                                                                                •  “Guidance Crossing
                                                                                   Borders” - Review of the
                                                                                   European cross-border seminar
                                                                                   of educational and vocational
                                                                                   guidance centres

                                                                                •  Working for EU agencies:
                                                                                   Systematic career management
        In the global education and labour market of today, international mobili-
        ty  experience  and  intercultural  competences  are  highly  valued  qualities.   or pure happenstance?
        Guidance practitioners can inspire and encourage young and adults to seize
        the opportunity and embark on such an international journey. Therefore,   •  “Getting an inspiration
        this current issue of Insight will be dedicated solely to the topic of mobility.   from foreign colleagues”
        Several  countries from the Euroguidance  Network have contribut-          - Interview with Croatian
        ed  with  articles  for  the  newsletter,  and  it  is  our  hope  that  this  is-  councellor Danijel Mišura
        sue of Insight will  provide guidance  counsellors interested in
        promoting  the  international  dimension  in  guidance  with  useful  infor-  •  New Eurydice report:
                                                                                   National Student Fee and Sup-
        mation  as  well  as  inspiration  for  their  work  with  guidance  and  mobility.
                                                                                   port Systems

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