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                                Taking courses within business forms an important
                                part of education and training. They actually make it
                                possible to have a genuine professional experience,
                                while being face to face with reality.
                                A training course is useful on many levels, because
                                it creates awareness of the business world, and of
                                the many skills looked for by employers It also allows
                                trainees to form themselves into a network, which is
                                always useful to add to their employability and to help
                                some of them to land their first jobs.
                                Training courses also help in self-awareness, and of
                                getting an idea of what a job might be. By guiding the
        choice of career, they help prepare trainees for their entry into active life.
        Still with the idea of acquiring greater experience and enriching the CV, training
        courses abroad are also tremendous opportunities to compare different methods
        of work, learn a foreign language and discover the customs of another land.
        However, if there is not shortage of reasons for taking a training course abroad,
        and their benefits are many, good preparation is an essential prerequisite to carry
        them out properly.
        The Euroguidance network, whose main aim is to pass on information on careers
        and European mobility, has written this practical guide for professionals in
        education and training to serve as a reference and to give methodological advice.
        Rich in information: from setting up a training project to evaluating the mobility,
        while covering the questions of financing, linguistic preparation and logistics, this
        guide offers above all an accurate overview of the definition of the training course
        and its legal framework, country by country.
        I am sure that it will be of use to you every day in your consultancy projects and
        your professional practices I also take advantage of this editorial to wish the
        Euroguidance network a very happy birthday, as it reaches its 25th anniversary of
        successfully supporting education and training stakeholders.
                                                              Good reading to all!
                                                              Laure Coudret-Laut

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