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Euroguidance Insight

                                                          Euroguidance Insight Magazine Issue 2/2020

                     Working with learning mobility and guidance in 2020 can be said to be a challenging
                     task. Some initiatives were already in place before the pandemic, but the use
                     escalated because of the virus, as an example from Slovakia demonstrates. Some
                     initiatives have been set up to compensate for the pandemic lockdown. The Icelandic
                     e-courses were created when people were laid off. Other projects, like the exchange-
                     programme Academia in Estonia and the Erasmus + project also called Academia in
                     the UK transformed physical meetings into digital interaction. Latvia has gone online
                     as well, and we hear from participants about their experiences.

                     Sweden is developing their system for career guidance in schools with a new book
                     and the Career Compass expands its use into the Dutch guidance system. France
                     presents a digital platform for peer recruitment for their international Lycee activities.
                     Both learning mobility and guidance find its way forward.
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