2022 Euroguidance 039Insight039 magazine  -Issue 2

The latest issue of the Euroguidance magazine 'Insight' has been published online. The leading theme of this issue is 'Transnational Cooperation in Guidance'.

2022 marks the 30th anniversary of Euroguidance and the 35th anniversary of Erasmus+. This issue of Euroguidance Magazine showcases recent examples of transnational cooperation in guidance and at the same time highlights the history of Euroguidance. In the beginning of June 2022, Euroguidance France hosted the first physical Euroguidance Network meeting since the start of the pandemic. Experienced colleagues of Euroguidance share their thoughts on why Guidance matters and other important issues. There are also many articles that contain information on Erasmus+ funded projects, all that focus on improvement for the benefit of guidance seekers in one way or another. The issue also includes articles on how the Euroguidance Network uses technology to enhance competence development. 

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