Study Abroad 2017 - Born Digital: Embracing Technology to Enhance International Education

The study abroad community – advisors and faculty alike – is facing an enormous challenge: How do we keep international learning relevant for a generation that grew up on Snapchat and Instagram?

How do we harness the power of technology to improve advisement and recruitment, while enriching the cross-cultural and academic aspects of location-based programs? How can faculty integrate technology into pedagogy to improve global learning outcomes and teaching effectiveness? How can technology help to overcome the barriers of study abroad: cost, curriculum, and culture? How do we leverage new technology and skills to deepen experiential learning? What new opportunities do these technology tools provide?

One thing is certain - the innovative global programs and experiences abroad that will prepare today’s students for the future must incorporate 21st century learning approaches.

Please join us in Austin, Texas, November 8-11 for an engaging and thought-provoking conversation. Better yet, get your own ideas on the table. Submit a proposal and share the creative thinking, emerging best practices, and game-changing ideas that will inspire and inform a new approach – one that helps make study abroad accessible to all, and bring it firmly into the 21st century.

JW Marriott Austin, East 2nd Street, Austin, Texas, United States