Career guidance and counselling for employees in companies

In a rapidly changing world of work, in the face of growing challenges in the economy, society and the environment, professional development no longer ends with learning a profession and entering the workforce. From the point of view of companies, there is a need for proactive strategic personnel development, and employees are expected to engage in lifelong professional orientation and learning. At the same time, new opportunities for economic development and personal growth arise for both.

The international event is our final conference in which we present of our project results and products. We are also delighted to hear keynotes from Katharine Mullock (OECD) and from Prof Rie Thomsen (Aarhus University) to provide context and stimulate reflection. In addition, there will be workshops to facilitate in-depth discussions of various aspects of career guidance in and around companies.

The International Multiplier Event is the final conference and the presentation of our project "CONNECT! – Connecting Career Counselling and Human Resource Development in Enterprises for Higher Education and Training in Practice" results.

University of Applied Labour Studies of the Federal Employment Agency, Seckenheimer Landstraße, Mannheim, Germany
  • Event date July 28 - 28, 2022
  • Venue Mannheim and online
  • Organiser University of Applied Labour Studies of the Federal Employment Agency
  • Event cost free of charge
  • Event website