International Higher Education

In today's changing and uncertain political landscape, Geneva makes for the ideal host of the 30th Annual EAIE Conference. Situated in a peaceful, neutralist country that has built strong ties with its neighbouring states without ever compromising its own position, Geneva has an extended history as a home for international diplomacy and collaboration. From the former League of Nations to the United Nations today, there are few places more suited for debating issues of global concern. This year’s theme invites us to face outward into the world, join forces with those who share our vision and engage with those who may have differing view. Way beyond the Palace of Nations, the city’s mountainous landscape reminds us to continue to aim for a brighter future.

Palais des Expositions et des Congrès (Palexpo), Geneva, Switzerland
  • Event date September 11 - 14, 2018
  • Venue Palais des Expositions et des Congrès (Palexpo), Geneva, Switzerland
  • Organiser EAIE and University of Geneva
  • Event cost Registration fee
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