Euroguidance Austria national conference 2018

Lifelong guidance on a dynamic labour market: reach, empower, strengthen

The European labour market is undergoing a period of rapid change. We are facing huge challenges as the job market is becoming more fluid and technology is developing at an astounding pace with no sign of slowing down. This particularly affects those who are disadvantaged and therefore at greater risk of exclusion. Due to the current transitory nature of the job market, the ability to cope with change is an essential skill that workers need to develop in order to enter into it successfully and to fully participate in society.

But how can we reach disadvantaged members of society in particular and how can lifelong guidance – in the sense of sustainable support aimed at working life as a whole from an early stage – help people to deal positively with transitions in the job market?

Alongside the plenary discussion, the conference is also running five parallel methods and discussion workshops. There will also be a chance to get to grips with Erasmus+ projects, methods and tools, as well as networking opportunities, as part of a ‘methods market’.

The conference is held in German, one workshop is held in English.

Registration to the Event is open until October 25, 2018.

For more Information please contact the Euroguidance Austria Centre () or visit our website for the anouncement and conference program.

Kardinal-König-Platz 3, 1130 Wien, Österreich