Future Dreaming: Career Guidance in the Age of Digital Technologies

"Digital technologies are an integral part of our everyday lives with important implications for career guidance. With use of generative AI now widespread, online tools provide new opportunities to personalise and extend the reach of career guidance activities, but also raise concerns, especially for students at-risk of being left behind. How do technologies help or hinder the effective, efficient, and equitable provision of career guidance? How are different countries using digital technologies in school career guidance and what can we learn from their practice?

Registrations are open to join the first OECD Career Readiness 2024 Symposium “Future Dreaming: Career Guidance in the Age of Digital Technologies”. The one-day symposium is free to attend. It will include presentations from international experts on the implications of new technologies for career guidance aimed at children and young people, informed discussions on how the positive benefits of digital technologies can be optimized, and a virtual fair will allow you to discover and engage with innovative online resources used in guidance delivery as featured on the OECD Observatory on Digital technologies in Career guidance for Youth at https://oe.cd/odicy.

Join us to hear from experts, ask your questions and think deeply about the opportunities and risks associated with digital technologies in career guidance for young people. The programme will be published shortly at: https://www.oecd.org/education/career-readiness/ where you can find more information about the OECD Career Readiness project."

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Future Dreaming Career Guidance in the Age of Digital Technologies