Lifelong learning

The overall purpose of the Annual Conference will be to dwell into the possibility that concrete and structured synergies between Education and Culture would bring to Lifelong Learning. Reaffirming the links between education and culture and hence revaluing this spectrum of transversal skills, for instance, opens up to the wider validation discussions. To this extent, one of the overarching goals of the conference is to discuss ways to make all learning environments important, to recognise the place of culture in doing so, all the while emphasising the need for validation and the role in fostering active citizenship.  

During the Annual Conference, participants will be taken into the cultural context in which lifelong learning and education operate in Europe today. They will subsequently analyse the policy framework that is supposed to provide the tools useful to read our society. Different approaches can be deepened, as they all build up to the same overarching objective: Learning environments; Validation, recognition and accreditation of competences/learning; Holistic approaches to active citizenship/identity through education and culture.

Technische Universität Wien, Wien, Itävalta