This free webinar will:

  • Focus on differing forms of bereavement as an important and meaningful learning process that needs to be respected and welcomed
  • Introduce writing for wellbeing (i.e., writing the self) as a way in which to respond to grief and make meaning of what has happened to us
  • Reflect on ways loss can affect our working lives and how we may respond in ways that go beyond coping, facilitating our ability to articulate loss to ourselves and others so that we to are more likely to get the resources and help we need


Associate Professor Reinekke Lengelle, Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies, Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences, Athabasca University 

Russ Banner, Director at Career Guidance Charts - The Career Infographic Company Publisher/Career Coach/Advisor/Speaker/Trainer and Developer of the Connie Medical Chair

An online link to the British Journal of Guidance and Counselling “Living with Loss” International Symposium Special Issue will be made available as part of this webinar.


Living with Loss writing for bereavement for work and career