The Danish project partners from YOUTH IN TRANSITION are pleased to invite you to a free workshop at their multiplier event, which will take place as a web-conference 20th January 2020.

The highly productive Erasmus+ project (2018-2021) has resulted in new knowledge, methods and tools for the cross-professional work with individual pathways of NEETs. The term “NEET” refers to young people who are neither in education, nor employment or training. They typically struggle with a complexity of problems such as personal and/or social difficulties, psychological diagnoses, abuse, drugs, crime or lack of basic educational skills. Their difficulties often occur in combination with each other.

The workshop focuses on the work with NEETs´ progression towards “vocational maturity”. Among other aspects, the participants will get possibility for testing an interactive online tool for self-evaluation of vocational maturity, in dialogue with professionals.

The workshop is free of charge for international guests (max. 30). Read more and sign-up here:

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Youth in Transition  -webconference
  • Event date January 20 - 20, 2021
  • Venue online