The Euroguidance centre operates within Education Exchanges Support Foundation. Euroguidance centre provides information on lifelong guidance and mobility for learning purposes, organising common events and publications promoting mutual awareness and promoting cooperation between guidance services in different countries participating in Erasmus+ and supporting the development of national career guidance system.

The main Euroguidance Lithuania activities are:

The national dimension:

  • Providing, exchanging and disseminating qualitative information on lifelong guidance and mobility for learning purposes.
  • Support the development of professional guidance practitioners’ competencies by organisation of seminars, conferences and courses of further training for guidance practitioners across all sectors.
  • Promoting international cooperation and mobility as tool for guidance practitioners’ professional development.
  • Production and dissemination of guidance material.
  • Contributing to the development of career management system in Lithuania.

The international dimension:

  • Close co-operation with other Euroguidance centres.
  • Support of international mobility and the European dimension in education and training through the provision of quality information on education and training opportunities in Europe.
  • Involvement in the promotion of PLOTEUS.

Euroguidance Lithuania is open for co-operation with individuals or organisations. If you are interested in European programmes that have activities in Lithuania, Lithuanian educational and vocational guidance system, possibility to find information about study and job opportunities in Lithuania and other European countries, you are always welcome to contact Euroguidance Lithuania.

Euroguidance projektas Lietuvoje – tai Švietimo mainų paramos fondo administruojamas projektas, kurio siekis – profesinio informavimo ir konsultavimo plėtra Lietuvoje ir Europoje.

Euroguidance – tai mobilumas ir profesinis orientavimas Europos Sąjungoje:

  • Metodiniai ir informaciniai leidiniai apie mobilumo galimybes
  • Informavimas apie mobilumo ir kvalifikacijos kėlimo galimybes
  • Informacija apie mokymosi galimybes Lietuvoje ir Europos Sąjungoje
  • Internetinės profesinio informavimo ir konsultavimo priemonės
  • Mokymo seminarai ir konferencijos
  • Informacija apie Lietuvos ir kitų šalių švietimo bei profesinio informavimo ir konsultavimo sistemas, projektinę veiklą, metodus, gerąją patirtį
  • Bendradarbiavimas su Lietuvos ir Europos institucijomis, europiniais tinklais, Europos Euroguidance centrais

Tikslinės grupės:

  • profesinio orientavimo specialistai, institucijos,
  • besimokantys ar dirbantys asmenys,
  • mobilumu besidomintys asmenys,
  • visi kiti profesinės karjeros plėtojimu suinteresuoti asmenys bei institucijos.

Contact details

Euroguidance Lithuania

Education Exchanges Support Foundation

Roziu al. 2,

LT- 03106, Vilnius


+370 5 261 0592
+370 5 249 71 37