Gender-conscious study- and career guidance needed

Upper secondary schools are strongly gendered. In study preparation programs, boys dominate among applicants for technical programs, while girls dominate among applicants for humanities programs.

In vocational preparation programs, boys dominate among applicants for electricity and energy, construction and civil engineering, as well as vehicles and transport, while girls dominate among applicants for health and care, hotels and tourism, and crafts.

Gender-conscious study- and career guidance can help boys open their eyes to female-dominated jobs, for example in health and care. More men need to apply for “welfare professions” if municipalities and county councils are to manage their future supply of skills. For boys and men, this also means that their room for action becomes bigger.

Publication about masculinity and gender equality school

In SALAR's publication on masculinity and a gender-equal school, one can read about how gender-conscious study and career guidance can contribute to giving all students the opportunity to develop their full potential and respond to challenges regarding the supply of skills in the public sector.

The publication is called “Masculinity and a Gender Equal School - work for increased security and better study results” (Maskulinitet och jämställd skola - arbete för ökad trygghet och bättre studieresultat)

Film about gender equality within the care program

The film Gender Equality in the care program follows some students during a study visit to a nursing home. With gender-conscious study and career guidance, students are inspired to choose education and profession based on their interests, and not based on gender. "Now that I've heard and seen what else I can do, it really feels like a natural choice," says a male student in the film.

The film is part of SALAR's series Voices about masculinity and can be used as a basis for discussion for municipal and regional development work on issues concerning career guidance, gender equality and the supply of skills.

Gender-conscious study and career guidance
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