All digital publications and services provided by Onisep are accessible for young people with disabilities. The online space (in French) is dedicated to school pathways and guidance for young people with disabilities, including professional integration. This space also provides access to a "Handicap" database referencing educational and healthcare facilities. Onisep's recently published educational kit "Handicap and Inclusive School" is designed to make students aware of the principles, practices and uses of an inclusive school.  One of the activities involves eTwinning, a collaborative tool that allows students to communicate with other European schools, and ask questions. Total Accès, which is an accessible site and application for tablets and smartphones, allows all young people to access information on educational facilities and information on disability, training and jobs.

The national public service for personalized guidance assistance facilitates the search for information on guidance, training courses and professions. It is a free-of-charge service mainly targeting young people Advisors answer questions on career paths and careers directly online by chat (50% of users), email or phone. This service is also an integral part of the free telephone helpline that is set up each year between March and July for the national enrolment procedure in higher education. (in French).

The Employment Store (Emploi Store) is a portal provided by the French national job agency (Pôle Emploi). It offers free access to digital services run by all employment and training providers, whether public or private, with classic Internet access or through mobile applications; coaching, e-learning, search engines, quizzes, social networks, simulators or simple information services, the employment store centralizes more than 250 sites, rated and commented by the users. (in French).