CLBch@t is a cross-network initiative of the pupil guidance centres (CLB) in Flanders. Through the service, the CLB target group (pupils, parents and school staff) can initiate anonymous online chats with a CLB member of staff. In a first step, the chat query is clarified and put into context. In a next step, information and advice are provided. Where appropriate, clients are referred to their local CLB or the wider network - via a tailored medium/channel.


CLBch@t has made access to the pupil guidance centres (CLBs) easier and less daunting. Pupils and parents can now also reach CLBs outside regular opening times. So far, educational guidance has proven to be the most popular chat theme. Study choice and school pathways are the most popular topics. CLBch@t offers pupils, parents and teachers the unique opportunity to ask CLB staff for information and support in an accessible, focused and rapid manner.


Pupils in primary and secondary schools, their parents and teachers.


The method of solution-oriented action is applied. CLBch@t staff are professionals with extensive training and experience in the (CLB) care and support system.


CLBch@t provides simultaneous, multidisciplinary availability of a team of CLB staff (Mon, Tue and Thu 5-9 pm, Wedn. 2-9 pm).    The initiative is supported by the entire CLB sector. Currently, around 20 CLB employees invest a certain percentage of their working hours to help realising the service. For 2016-2017 (school year), the following figures are available: • A total of 3,136 chats. • Average chat duration: 19 minutes. • Average age of the pupils concerned: 14.25 years. • Parents and teachers also contact the CLB. • 400 chats were related to study choice and school career (=13%). • 87% of visitors gave CLBch@t 3 stars or more (max. 5 stars). • 50% of the visitors awarded CLBch@t 5 stars. CLBch@t has received many positive reactions and appreciation within the CLB sector. It is providing an enthusiastic, new dynamic within the organisation.

CLBch@t also scores externally. On several occasions the service received positive reviews and feedback in the press, including during an interview with the Minister of Education and Training. CLBch@t is valued by its stakeholders in Flanders and further afield.