Project owner: Association of Hungarian Women in Science

The Association of Hungarian Women in Science is a national network of female and male scientists, who are committed to gender equality within the fields of science and research.

The association focuses on career guidance for secondary school girls with the aim of making technology oriented professions attractive for this target group. The most important programme is the “Girls’ Day” campaign, which has been organised annually since 2012. “Girls’ Day” is an open day when girls studying in secondary education are invited to visit tech companies or universities where they participate in interactive programmes. Since 2012 the “Girls Day” has reached almost 7000 girls with different programmes organised in 16 towns and in more than 150 venues.

Teachers’ Day” is also offered as an accompanying event, where special emphasis is placed on addressing the teachers who play an essential role in the career guidance processes of students. Teachers can also participate in open days and meet the representatives of tech companies. The success of such programmes as well as other activities of the Association can contribute to the long-term increase of high skilled workforce in the sector.