Project owner: Ms Erika Juhász

Developmental bibliotherapy – bibliocounselling, biblioguidance - generally refers to the use of literature to help people recognize and understand themselves, cope with problems or changes in their lives, and to promote personality growth and development. The underlying premise of bibliotherapy is that clients identify with literary characters similar to themselves, in an association that helps to release emotions and gain new directions in life at appropriate times. With a bibliotherapy module built into the college curriculum, students can be guided through stages of, for example, career management. It may empower them to achieve their greatest potential by recognizing and understanding themselves, and with the knowledge of what to expect as an employee and examples of how others have dealt with the same concerns.

The participants of the 2017 Cross Border Seminar can learn more about the methodology of this approach and its use in higher education settings from Ms Erika Juhász, the Hungarian workshop leader.

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