Project owner: Mr Miklós Kenderfi, Dr

Miklós Kenderfi, professor at Szent István University, Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, has developed a worksheet which can be used in all career guidance settings to document the results of the guidance session according to the personal needs and skills of the client.

The worksheet does not contain verbal instructions, but it offers space for drawings and key words which would help summarise the conclusions made during or after the guidance session. The worksheet this way becomes the intellectual product of each participant, its content can easily be recalled and reused while making a synthesis of the information and experiences gained during the guidance intervention.

This tool can be used during guidance sessions at schools or at extra-curricular activities, but in all cases the presence of a career guidance professional is required. The worksheet can especially be useful for those disadvantaged young people who have difficulties in accessing and processing quality information. For them finding a reasonable career is essential to improve their disadvantageous situations.

In order to develop the worksheet, Mr. Kenderfi built on the experience of hundreds of guidance sessions.

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