Good practice carried out by Catalina Ramis Crespí and Coloma Ribot Binimelis (Balearic Islands, Spain)


Description structure:

The Academic and Vocational Guidance Point of the Education (acronym in Spanish POAP) , Education, University and Research Departmen  and the Labour, Trade and Industry Department of the Balearic Islands of the Balearic Islands is a service created to support, guide and solve questions about the integrated system of qualifications and VET.

POAP is managed by technicians of the Directorate General of VET and Teachers’ Training (DGFPIEAS) and technicians of the Employment Service of the Balearic Islands (SOIB). This initiative, which links both sectors, is the first one to put together professionals from Labour and Education in the same service, representing the first example of the creation of an integrated guidance system.

Its aim is to inform and guide about VET offer, the SOIB professional certifications, as well as about the possibility to certify the working experience through the Institute of Professional Qualifications of the Balearic Islands (IQPIB)..

It is mainly focused on people who abandoned the educational system and want to complete their education, returning the educational system or carrying out the SOIB training courses. It is also available for students who are preparing their itinerary after the Compulsory Secondary Education or workers’ upskilling. It is also a reference for the guidance departments of the educational centres, the SOIB guidance services and other services, which are committed to the academic and professional guidance related to the VET integrated system. In this way, it can offer information and guidance in a more complete way to persons interested in improving their education and professional qualifications.

To achieve its aim, POAP develops individual and group actions

Individual actions

Queries in the POAP offices (face to face, on the phone, by email…).

Group actions

  • Sessions in the educational centres for students in the second cycle of Secondary Education, Baccalaureate or Initial Vocational Training.
  • Informative sessions in the municipalities.




  • Support transitions (school/VET; school/labour market; job to job)
  • Career education
  • Accreditation

Priorities addressed:

-  Encourage the lifelong acquisition of career management skills.

-  Facilitate access by all citizens to guidance services.

-  Develop quality assurance in guidance provision.

-  Encourage coordination and cooperation among the various regional and local stakeholders.


  • Education, University and Research Department in the Balearic Islands (Conselleria de Educación, Universidad e Investigación de Baleares).
  • Labour, Trade and Industry Department in the Balearic Islands (Conselleria de Trabajo, Comercio e Industria de Baleares)



 - School.

 - VET.

 - University.

-  Adults.




The results show how the consultations have largely increased from the beginning of the program.

Year Consultations
2015-2016 1230
2016-2017 5224
2017-2018 8340
2018-2019 10358
2019-2020 (Until november) 8688


Yes, to other regions of Spain and in other countries of Europe.

European Dimension:

Transferable among countries.