The Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (Sveriges Kommuner och Landsting SKL) has since 2012 led an ESF-funded project called "Plug In". It has become Sweden's largest collaborative project in the fight against interrupted schooling. The project has included five regions and 50 municipalities. 7500 young people have participated. Target groups have been those who have already left school (NEETs), and those who are "at risk" to do so. Tools in this area are to be found on the website

Workshops have covered the following topics: Mentorship / Supervision; Identification and mapping of groups "at risk"; Follow up activities; and Transition from primary school to secondary school

In the autumn 2015 Plug In 2.0 started where the first round of the project ended. The main focus of the ongoing project is to continue with and develop the areas identified in Plug In as success factors, thereby raising the quality of the upper secondary school in order for more students to complete their studies. Plug In 2.0 is expected to run until autumn 2017 and is, like its predecessor, funded by the European Social Fund (ESF), co-financed by participating municipalities and regions.