This example of good practice has been awarded the Recognition for an inovative approach to career guidance using ICT tools on the Fifth National Career Guidance Awards organised in 2020 by the Euroguidance Center in Serbia.

Escape game is an online activity created on the website While playing the game, students are getting an opportunity to identify their own knowledge, abilities, and skills related to their career, and to make decisions by considering the information gathered in the game. This interactive game encourages students to develop an active attitude towards their career. Through problem-solving tasks in this game, participants learn about the labour market, and the characteristics, skills, and competencies needed for active participation in it.

The game is created as a virtual room where students are looking for hidden elements in order to find a way out. They are facing different problems in the form of questions with offered answers. The correct answers lead them to the next steps (tasks) and incorrect "trick" questions. By solving the last task, they are released and can get out of the virtual room. Students are solving 7 tasks: skills classification into broader categories, self-assessment of knowledge about career stages, skills recognition for "new occupations", career planning analysis, and solving the enigmatic stories about the characteristics of successful people.

This activity was piloted while distance learning was performed in school during the pandemic. Teachers forwarded the link of the game to the students. Students played the game and then discussed in groups their experience.

Escape Game Find your career