The Ministry of Education is setting up a nationwide guidance event "Printemps de l'Orientation" (Spring of Guidance) which aims to become an essential step for pupils in Year 10 and 11 in the building of their career plans.

It will be repeated every year, takes place in the spring with three highlights days in March, dedicated to the career guidance project of the students. This is an active approach prepared with the educational teams in each high school.

To support this process, the ONISEP provides educational teams with an educational kit to organise this event in each school.

The preparation phase from January

Students take an online test in January. This test measures needs in four areas: self-knowledge, need for support, knowledge of training courses and discovery of careers.

Through this, the student prioritises the resources and activities that will be useful to mobilise over the three days of the event.

Resources are available online to help the young person get to know him or herself better. These activities can be done in class or independently. A quiz allows students to ask questions about their interests, favourite subjects, hobbies, etc. The student then discovers the sectors and careers that match him or her.

The quiz "Jobs according to my tastes" completes the first quiz. The youngests answer questions about their personality traits, aptitudes, interests and desires. They take stock of their profile in order to discover the careers that best suit them

The three days in March

The three-days event is then organised by the schools. Each educational region makes an inventory of the resources that can be mobilised for the schools: this is an important work of partnership within education, economic and associations sectors. Parents' associations can also be involved in the events.

Each school organises its own programme according to the local context and to the needs of its pupils and teachers, with the help of the CIOs (Information and Guidance Centres) and the Guidance Psychologists.

The "Spring of Guidance" then takes the form of visits to companies and training establishments, exchanges with professionals and immersions in higher education programmes (university, vocational schools, etc.).

This can also take the form of workshops.

The assessment phase in April

An assessment phase is then planned as a whole class and individually. An assessment form is available on the ONISEP website and enables the pupil to take stock of his or her tastes, interests, motivations and aptitudes. They can then make an informed choice of training after having explored the professional sectors and the training paths that can lead to them.

Spring of Guidance