High Praise for Euroguidance Stakeholder Survey Reveals Positive Impact on Competence Development

The Stakeholder Survey, conducted between October 2022 and June 2023, honed in on the development of competence among guidance practitioners. The participants encompassed a diverse range of stakeholders, including guidance practitioners, decision-makers, and the broader guidance community, with a total of 1,063 valid responses spanning 31 countries in Europe.

Conducted under the auspices of the Euroguidance Network, the Stakeholder Survey represented a significant evaluation initiative. It employed a three-phase methodology that included Desk Research, Interviews, and a Questionnaire, culminating in a workshop designed to extract insights and leverage the findings. The primary objectives of this study were to gain a deep understanding of the strengths within the network, pinpoint areas that could be enhanced, consider essential changes, and collect recommendations for future initiatives.

Survey Highlights:

  • An impressive 83.90% of respondents rated their involvement in Euroguidance centre activities as "relevant" and "very relevant."
  • A substantial 78.76% credited Euroguidance for developing their knowledge.
  • A significant 64.15% acknowledged Euroguidance's role in cultivating additional competences and capacities for delivering career guidance.
  • A noteworthy 60.07% attested to Euroguidance's contributions to expanding their capacity for networking and collaboration in career guidance.

When evaluating the effectiveness of Euroguidance's initiatives in training and developing professional competences in the realm of lifelong guidance, survey results painted a resoundingly positive picture. An overwhelming 80.21% of respondents described Euroguidance's support as "extremely valuable" and "good," underscoring the network's notable impact on enhancing professional competences. These findings underscore the efficacy of Euroguidance's training endeavors and its positive influence on the competences of individuals involved in lifelong guidance.

When asked if they would recommend Euroguidance services to fellow guidance professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge and competences, respondents voiced robust support. An impressive 88.19% of participants expressed a strong willingness to "strongly recommend" or "recommend" Euroguidance services, emphasizing the significant value they place on the network's offerings. This further reinforces the widespread positive sentiment surrounding Euroguidance's ability to enhance knowledge and competences. These results stand as a compelling testament to the credibility and effectiveness of Euroguidance services, as attested by those who have directly benefited from them.

We wholeheartedly thank the Romanian research team, Speranța Țibu and Delia Goia, for their professionalism and dedication, and Euroguidance Evaluation Group for their valuable support in coordinating all the research phases. Their dedication and support played a crucial role in the success of the study and the achievement of significant results.

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