IAEVG 2019  contributions from the Euroguidance Network

Under the heading Career Guidance for an Inclusive Society the annual IAEVG conference was organised in Czech Republic and Slovakia in September 2019, withmore than 500 participants from 46 countries.

The conference started with a global symposium in Brno, to support the dialogue between different international guidance counsellor’s organisations and associations. Here, the Euroguidance network contributed with a key note that focused on howthe development of an international dimension in guidance could contribute to a more democratic society. The presentation is available below.Another theme was intensified international cooperation in the guidance field, and this issue was addressed in a Euroguidance case.

A mobility symposium was part of the programme at the main conference in Bratislava. This was considered to be a success, as it was the first time an IAEVG plenary symposium was dedicated to this theme. Euroguidance representatives moderated the symposium and provided a presentation on the competences needed to provide high-quality mobility guidance. The presentation is available below.

As an output from the symposium the presenters came up with some joint mobility-related conclusions for the future;

  • Include an international dimension in professional standards for guidance professionals
  • Develop intercultural competencies (both practitioners and general public)
  • Include social justice in ethical standards for guidance,
  • Invest in early interventions,
  • Encourage systematic networking,
  • Exchange practices at international level,
  • Establish mobility guidance services
  • Build empirical evidence in the field of international mobility.