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 Career Skills Platform  Providing LMI to young students in Corona times

 The Career Skills Project is a European initiative, which helps individuals of all ages understand, assess and  During the pandemic, Swedish guidance practitioners have struggled with how to provide workplace training
 develop their career management competencies through a free Career Management Platform available in 6  for their pupils. Most of the ordinary places have been withdrawn, and even under normal circumstances, there
 languages.  is a shortage.
          Through "Yrkesjakten" (Career hunt), the Swedish Public Employment Service has developed a tool that brings
          the workplaces to the pupils. They offer virtual work films, so-called VR videos (Virtual Reality). The films aim
 can find them more easily. Visitors can search for the most
          to help young people to get an idea of different professions and their work routines.
 suitable services by different criteria – location, type of
 service and target group. Moreover, the platform allows
 practitioners to demonstrate their capacity and share          The next step is to place the mobile into the VR glasses,
 useful resources addressing career management skills,          select a movie and click on the VR icon and get started.
 such as news, events, initiatives, good practices, online
 tools and training materials to users.                         Growing interest
                                                                There has been a growing interest in VR study visits
                                                                among schools around the country, and more and more
 The 3-year KA3 initiative is coordinated by the Business
                                                                schools are ordering VR glasses in order to increase the
 Foundation for Education in Bulgaria and involves
                                                                labour market knowledge among their students for
 recognized  career  guidance  experts  and  training
                                                                guidance purposes. Today there are several hundred
 professionals from the University of Jyväskylä - Finland,
                                                                thousand views, which shows that the tool is used widely
 Réseau International des Cités des métiers - France, VHS
                                                                around Sweden.
 Cham  -  Germany,  Institute  of  Entrepreneurship
 Development - Greece, and Aspire-international in the          Yrkesjakten is one of the items on offer at the public
 United Kingdom.                                                employment office website page “utbildningsmaterial”
                                                                (educational material):
 The team has developed a comprehensive Career Skills  VR study visits
 Catalogue of 12 most essential competencies, identified  Many young people find it difficult to choose which  (Most of the films are available on YouTube)
 as crucial and most demanded in the following decade
 Thus, the project aims at becoming a one-stop-shop for  profession to study for. The Swedish PES has for a long
 across Europe and beyond. The Catalogue explains each
 professionals and citizens in Europe regarding career  time worked to get young people out into the workplaces,
 skill and demonstrates the different levels of proficiency in
 management skills.  to make it easier for them to form an opinion about certain
 a simple framework, similar to the one of the European  professions. Even before the pandemic, many companies
 languages. Users can identify their career skills level and  only accepted 2-4 study visits per year, which made it
 For more information, follow the Facebook page
 needs  for  improvement,  using  the  career  skills  difficult to meet the large demands. Yrkesjakten opens up
 assessment tool.  for VR study visits in an easily accessible way. Around the
          clock, through a mobile, the students can visit the various
 Further, a free Career Skills MOOC (massive open online
 course) will help them upgrade their career skills in the 12  companies and get an idea of the different professions. In
 Euroguidance Bulgaria  this way PES hopes to increase the interest in the labour
 areas. The online course will be held in seminars at the
 end of 2021. It will include video lessons and articles,  market, and in that way reduce dropouts.
 practical cases and expert tips, as well as tasks and
 exercises to help users improve their career management  Many professions on offer
 skills.  Through a 360 camera, the PES has filmed VR study visits
          to various workplaces, such as ambulance nurses,
 The free online Career Service Map links providers and
          construction managers, taxi drivers, assistant nurses in  Any questions regarding the tool can be sent to
 individuals who look for information, guidance, and
          various fields, biomedical analysts, firefighters, truck  [email protected]
 support. It allows career counselors to register on the
          drivers, welders, mechanical engineers, , police officers,
 career counseling services map so that potential clients
          property managers, innovation professions, dental nurses,
          veterinarian etc.
                                                                                                       Nina Ahlroos
          To be able to experience the profession in VR –
                                                                                                Euroguidance Sweden
          students need:
             a mobile phone (which most of them already have)

 Project No: 612877-EPP-1-2019-1-BG-EPPKA3-PI-FORWARD  a pair of VR glasses (available for purchase at a very
             low cost in many different stores)

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