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 Website of Euroguidance Spain: A Guidance Tool  There is a form for the submission of new successful and
          innovative practices, which will be analysed for publication
          by the Subdirectorate General for Guidance and Lifelong
 The Vocational Guidance portal has been recently launched, managed by Euroguidance Spain, integrated in  Learning.
 the European network Euroguidance of national centres of resources and information for guidance and present
          The aim of this section is to share and disseminate good
 in 34 countries. Euroguidance Spain depends on the General Secretariat of Vocational Training, specifically in
 the Subdirectorate General of Guidance and Lifelong Learning, within the Ministry of Education and Vocational  practices that can be implemented in educational centres
 Training.  throughout Spain.

 The aim of this website is to provide guidance  The website was created with a participatory purpose:  PUBLICATIONS
 professionals with relevant and updated information on  guidance counsellors can send their Good Practices in
          The publications section aims to collect the most relevant
 national and European initiatives, programmes and  Career Guidance to be published and disseminated
          documentation in the field of guidance. It is divided into
 resources of interest and usefulness for the development  among the Guidance Community. It also allows to
          several  categories  depending   on   the  type  of
 of their intervention.  subscribe to the monthly newsletter to receive the latest
          documentation included:
 news on online guidance modalities, publications and
 Online guidance services are increasingly in demand,           CONTACT US
 documentation at European level, among others.  European Reference Documents
 especially in the current COVID-19 crisis that accentuates
                                                                Users can contact the counsellors of our service to
 the fluctuating and uncertain nature of the labour market.  Studies and Reports
                                                                solve doubts related to training and employment
 The launch of the Euroguidance Spain website is part of  Handbooks and Guides  lifelong pathways.
 the actions of the Plan for the Modernisation of Vocational  Brochures and Information materials
 Training, specifically in the expansion of vocational
             Magazines and Newsletters                                             Find out more:
 guidance tools in the existing TODOFP platform.

          Different networks and organisations of reference in
 The website contains seven different sections:  the development of lifelong guidance, lifelong learning
                                                                         Laura Gómez Matarín, Pilar Bordonaba Pérez,
          opportunities and employment opportunities have
                                                                   Estrella Alarcón Martínez and Ana Ferrando Carretero
          been selected for this section.
                                                                                                  Euroguidance Spain
 Provides information about who we are, what we do and  This section aims to provide resources on guidance that
 what we want and sets out our national and European  are useful in the day-to-day practice of guidance
          This section was created to disseminate national and
 objectives.  practitioners. To this end, it has been subdivided into
          international events related to career guidance.
 different areas to facilitate the search for resources:
          There is also a history of the activities already
 Entrepreneur and social skills
          developed in 2019 and 2020 where it is possible to
 It defines the concept and principles of guidance, identifies  Self-awareness and decision making  download material of interest.
 career management skills and describes what vocational
 Training pathways and the world of work
 guidance looks like in education and employment.
 Blogs and guidance booklets
 It also contains the regulations and strategic plans of the
 Ministry of Education and VET.  Different resources in the Autonomous Communities

 This section also presents vocational guidance in the
 different Autonomous Communities of Spain, which
 provide us with relevant information from their territories to  This section contains the good practices in vocational
 be known and shared among the guidance community.  guidance that are being carried out in the educational
 Besides, it contains information about the main research  centres and includes also a link to the good practices that
 groups in guidance at Spanish Universities.  exist in the Euroguidance Network.  �

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