Indian Journal of Career and Livelihood Planning Issue 9 is online

The new issue of the IJCLP (Volume 9, Issue 1), is now online.

Next to theEditorial "The Medium and the Message" byGideon Arulmani, you will find the following articles:

  • Mary McMahon: “The Systems Theory Framework and Career Development in a Covid-19 Context”
  • Iwamon W J Laloo and Glenn C Kharkongor: “Teaching Experiences of University Faculty during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Content for Teacher Upskilling and Perceptions on Career Progression”
  • Kiyomi Banda, Akihiko Ieshima and Keita Otsuka: „Career Development Style of Japanese University Students: A comparison of Universities with Different Levels of Admission Difficulty”
  • A.G. Watts: “My Visit to South Africa Under Apartheid”
  • Joseph Chakma “Importance of Traditional Occupations for Sustainable Livelihood Practices by the Chakma Community in Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh”
  • Rayan Miranda: “Parent, Child and Home Career Learning Environment”
  • Ronald Sultana: “In Memoriam: Helmut Zelloth”

Link to the open access journal: