In late summer 2019, the Erasmus+ funded project „CMinaR - Counselling for Refugee and Migrant Integration into the Labour Market – Development of Courses for Higher Education and Public Employment Services“ will present its results and outcomes.

Our main objective was to enable career counsellors to adapt their competences to the specific needs of refugees seeking orientation and advice for their way into the labour markets and societies of their receiving countries in the EU.

We therefore developed higher education courses for students and practitioners of career counselling in Europe.

On 27 August 2019, we would like toinvite you to Berlinto hear and see the course modules we developed, to discuss your views on the topic with the participants of an international conference, and to present your research and work in our poster gallery.

We will also have two presentations, one on the importance of our efforts and one on an important topic we could not integrate in our course modules: the effects of trauma.

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Berlín, Německo