Navigating the Future Assessing Transversal Skills and Competencies in Career Guidance

Eva Baloch-Kaloianov, OeAD / Euroguidance Austria

Unlocking the potential of transversal skills and competencies is the key to navigating the evolving landscape of the labour market. In an insightful workshop, held during the Austrian Euroguidance Conference in November 2023, experts delved into the realm of "Transversal Skills and Competence Assessment in Career Guidance." Led by Prof. Dr. Rebeca García-Murias from the University of Santiago de Compostela and Mrs. Sandra Klein, a guidance counsellor at Bildungsinfo-Tirol, the workshop aimed to unravel the significance of these skills in an international mobility context.

The workshop began with a comprehensive exploration of transversal skills and competencies in connection with international mobility and career guidance and counselling (CGC). The discussion underscored the undeniable benefits of international mobility, emphasising the need for meticulous identification, evaluation and documentation of transversal competencies.

The Transversal Competence Framework (TCF) tool

A pivotal highlight was the introduction of the "Transversal Competence Framework (TCF)", a tool developed within the Erasmus+ “TRANSVAL” project, designed to assess 12 categories of possible transversal competencies. From managing and organising activities to self-reflection, this framework offers a nuanced approach to evaluating competencies at 8 levels, aligned with the European Qualifications Framework (EQF).

The framework then explores the relevance of transversal competencies in the context of a changing labour market. The European Commission's diagnosis of unemployment and skills mismatch has led to a proposed solution which is work-based learning (WBL). The article argues for the incorporation of transversal competencies within WBL, emphasising the importance of dual learning that extends beyond sector-specific skills.

The framework sheds light on the role of career guidance and counselling (CGC) in the assessment of transversal competencies. In a society marked by job changes and technological advancements, the framework advocates for flexible, continuous learning and highlights the pivotal role of CGC in managing transitions and facilitating lifelong learning.

The framework concludes by emphasising the importance of lifelong guidance in the development of new skills and competencies, including transversal competencies. The author of a comprehensive article on EPALE (see below), Prof. Dr. Rebeca García-Murias brings a wealth of expertise to this exploration, providing valuable insights based on the workshop at the Austrian Euroguidance conference.

In essence, the framework unveils a roadmap for individuals, institutions, and policymakers to navigate the dynamic terrain of the labour market, harnessing the power of transversal skills for a future that demands adaptability, resilience, and continuous learning.

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