Academia is a source of pride for Euroguidance Estonia and a mark of its quality

In May, Euroguidance Estonia hosted 15 career practitioners from Austria, Spain, the Netherlands, Cyprus, France, Germany and Slovakia as part of the Academia programme. It was the largest Academia group hosted in Estonia.

“We have been organizing international learning mobilities for career professionals in collaboration with partners from the Academia network in Europe for 23 years now, and the number of mobilities is steadily approaching five hundred, including both professionals who have enhanced their skills in Europe and those who have discovered Estonia. I am fully convinced that this is crucial for professional development as it supports personal growth, creates new opportunities for the future, and contributes to daily client work. International learning mobility should be included in the training plan of every career specialist, even on a regular basis. Academia is a safe choice for beginners and an innovative source of inspiration for experienced professionals."

Margit Rammo, Euroguidance Estonia manager

This year's Academia program in Estonia focused on sharing our best practices in career guidance, with a particular emphasis on work and learning mobility, as well as multiculturalism. The first day was dedicated to exploring learning mobility from the perspective of career practitioners. On the second day, participants had the opportunity to delve into work mobility and familiarize themselves with various organizations in the field. The third day involved job shadowing in groups of 2-3 individuals at different organizations in Tallinn and Tartu. Finally, the fourth day was devoted to sharing methods and summarizing the week's experiences.

All participants were encouraged to bring along one method, tool, or approach to share with others. Throughout the four-day program, attendees had the opportunity to learn about various practices and organizations in Estonia. They left with new ideas and approaches to implement in their professional lives. :)

"The academic study visit to Estonia was truly enriching! I gained valuable insights into lifelong guidance in Estonia in a multicultural context and discovered different guidance methods used in eight European countries. I wholeheartedly recommend this opportunity to anyone seeking professional and personal development in an inspiring international environment!"

Arabella Seits, Austria

The theme of the exchange program, "Multiculturalism, international learning, and work mobility in the context of career development," was enriched by collaborating with a diverse range of partners. These partners not only introduced their services and practices but also provided job shadowing opportunities for our European colleagues in Tartu and Tallinn. This allowed participants to gain practical insights and experiences in the field of career guidance within a multicultural context.