Available webinar recording Developing Career Guidance and Counselling services through Erasmus projects -experiences from practices

On 13th November 2020, we had an opportunity to hear the experiences from practice and find out more about developing career guidance and counselling services through Erasmus+ projects.   They presented an overview of their projects, how they developed project ideas and established cooperation with various European partners, as well as answer questions from the audience in order to help other career guidance practitioners to get inspired to start their project ideas:

  • Nevena Rakovska from Bulgaria (Career Skills Project (The Career Skills aims at creating a European one-stop-shop platform for citizens, career guidance providers and experts in the area of career skills development, FORWARD - FUTURE Project - FUTURE aims at transforming career guidance of generation Z through an innovative, games-based scenario approach and to prepare the next generation for the jobs of the future),
  • Helena Kostalova from the Czech Republic (EKS organization),
  • Tomáš Šprlák from Slovakia (Quality implementation in career guidance– Europe-wide project which resulted in the development of quality standard and certification process for career guidance practitioners),
  • Vincent Verrydt from Belgium (Your career is waiting – get ready!– tackling youth unemployment).


In case you missed this event, the webinar recording is available here.


This webinar is organized by the Euroguidance network in the scope of the activities of Competence Development Task Group on the initiative of the Euroguidance centers from Bulgaria, Belgium (Flanders community), Slovakia, and the Czech Republic and with technical support by Euroguidance Serbia.