Campaign VET as a first choice

The Euroguidance Center from North Macedonia organizes a campaign "VET as a first choice", which aims to help students from a young age to become more familiar with the possibilities and goals of skills learning.

2023 has been declared the European Year of Skills. This initiative is inspired by the challenges and opportunities facing the labor market in relation to the digital and green transition.

The European Year of Skills aims to accelerate the competitiveness of the workforce and improve investment opportunities in training and upskilling, in order to ensure that workers acquire the skills in demand in the labor market, including digital skills. According to Eurostat, currently, only 37% of adults in the EU follow training regularly, and many lack basic digital skills. This initiative will focus on activating more women, youth, and vulnerable groups in the labor market.

Thecampaign is scheduled to last for 5 days, from April 24-28. It includes a visit to 5 companies engaged in production, by 5 groups of students from all regions of the Republic of North Macedonia who have to decide where and what they will study in the next period.

Good skills mean good jobs, and upgrading them is good for the economy. The needs of the labor market are changing rapidly and emphasize the necessity of new, digital, green skills.