Comparative migration studies  -OPEN ACCESS RESEARCH

"Ever since the 1980s-1990s, multiculturalism has had both its advocates and its critics. While the support long outweighed the critique, the tide seemed to change at the beginning of the new millennium. Critical voices have become more numerous and vigorous. The critiques have increasingly merged into a growing chorus of concern and a popular refrain about the failure, decline and even death of multiculturalism. While ‘multiculturalism’ has become the proverbial punching bag, ‘interculturalism’ has been increasingly put forward as a distinct and much welcome alternative. In this Special Issue, edited by François Levrau and Patrick Loobuyck, original perspectives are brought together aiming to clarify and advance the ‘Multiculturalism-Interculturalism Debate’. To what extent does interculturalism provide a different approach to deal with ethno-cultural diversity? Does it complement multiculturalism or is it just a relabelling that does not go beyond selling old wine in new bottles?"

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