Future Time Traveller Innovative Career Guidance

The Future is now, as the world is developing faster than ever before through technological advancements this has brought new possibilities to the world of career guidance and development. Digital innovations create opportunities to empower young people, improve society and grow economies, the fast pace of change is disrupting the labour market, causing continuous shifts in the demand for skills. Individuals risk falling behind if they do not have the right skills to adapt, and businesses will struggle to innovate and grow if they cannot find appropriately skilled workers.

The Future Time Traveller project is committed to transforming the lives of Generation Z through career guidance that incorporates innovative and immersive games-based learning scenarios for preparing the next generation for the jobs of the future. The Future Time Traveller scenarios apply elements of Escape Rooms, Web Quests, Treasure Hunting, strategy and adventure games to facilitate the decision making process in careers and help young people make sense of future labour market trends.

Supporting career guidance practitioners’ is an imperative aspect of this project, the need for quality careers information, advice and guidance is needed more than ever in this digital age. The consortium has launched the Future Time Traveller European Contest for Innovative Career Guidance Tools. This competition aims to enhance, recognize and promote good practices of innovative tools, interactive games, scenarios, methods, platforms and other digital and non-digital game-based instruments for career guidance, information and counselling. The application is only via email using an application form and the deadline is 31 January 2020. The Winners will receive a study visit to Bradford, United Kingdom

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