Indian Journal of Career and Livelihood Planning Issue 9 is online

The new issue of the IJCLP (Volume 9, Issue 1), is now online. 

Next to the Editorial "The Medium and the Message" by Gideon Arulmani, you will find the following articles:

  • Mary McMahon: “The Systems Theory Framework and Career Development in a Covid-19 Context”
  • Iwamon W J Laloo and Glenn C Kharkongor: “Teaching Experiences of University Faculty during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Content for Teacher Upskilling and Perceptions on Career Progression”
  • Kiyomi Banda, Akihiko Ieshima and Keita Otsuka: „Career Development Style of Japanese University Students: A comparison of Universities with Different Levels of Admission Difficulty”
  • A.G. Watts: “My Visit to South Africa Under Apartheid”
  • Joseph Chakma “Importance of Traditional Occupations for Sustainable Livelihood Practices by the Chakma Community in Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh”
  • Rayan Miranda: “Parent, Child and Home Career Learning Environment”
  • Ronald Sultana: “In Memoriam: Helmut Zelloth”

Link to the open access journal: