NEW BOOK Career Guidance for Social Justice  Contesting Neoliberalism

This collection examines the intersections between career guidance, social justice and neoliberalism. Contributors offer an original and global discussion of the role of career guidance in the struggle for social justice and evaluate the field from a diverse range of theoretical positions. Through a series of chapters that positions career guidance within a neoliberal context and presents theories to inform an emancipatory direction for the field, this book raises questions, offers resources and provides some glimpses of an alternative future for work. Drawing on education, sociology, and political science, this book addresses the theoretical basis of career guidance's involvement in social justice as well as the methodological consequences in relation to career guidance research. Edited by three famous European guidance experts and reseachers: Tristram Hooley (UK), Ronald Sultana (Malta) and Rie Thomsen (Denmark). The book can be purchased through this link