Publication quotEACEA and the European Year of Skillsquot highlights success story of the Academia Network

During the European Vocational Skills Week 2023 (23-27 October2023), the brochure "EACEA and the European Year of Skills - Supporting upskilling and reskilling initiatives in Europe and beyond" was published.

The publication aims to provide insight into skills projects coordinated by EACEA and their impact on making the European Union more competitive and resilient.

Through examining its actions, we gain a better understanding of the EACEA’s work and how the project the Agency supports contribute to the EYS' goals.

A full article is dedicated to the success story of the Euroguidance Network's Academia programme (see page 16), which aims at providing learning mobility for guidance professionals across Europe.

Link to the publication: EACEA and the European Year of Skills - Publications Office of the EU (
More info: Brochure highlighting skills projects launched during European Vocational Skills Week (