Shaping the Future Gen Z and Career Guidance

The Future is now, as the world is developing faster than ever before through technological advancements 2 billion jobs that exist today will disappear by 2030[1]. By the time Generation Z enters the workplace, digital technology will be part of almost every career path, 65% of children entering primary school today will have completely new job types that don't exist yet[2].

The Future Time Traveller project is committed to transforming the lives of Generation Z through career guidance that incorporates innovative and immersive game-based learning scenarios for preparing the next generation for the jobs of the future.  

The Future Time Traveller career game is a European innovation, combining the topic of future jobs with game-based learning in 3D virtual world simulations. The game scenarios apply elements of Escape Rooms, Web Quests, Treasure Hunting, strategy and adventure games to facilitate the decision-making process in careers and help young people make sense of future labour market trends. Users enter the 3D virtual world with an avatar and teleport with a time capsule to the year 2050. They explore future careers through different missions, challenges and quizzes, working their way through the levels to eventually arrive back in 2020 with a message to humanity about the future’ of jobs.

To foster the active participation and empowerment of young people, the consortium of partners have created the Time Capsule “Jobs of the Future” contest across the 7 partner countries for young people aged 13-19. This contest encourages young people to explore their idea of what kind of future jobs that may appear the challenges and skills needed. The participants can describe their ideas of future jobs in short text, 1-minute video or a short presentation. Winners will be awarded with a solar charger, action camera and Bluetooth speakers. The deadline is December 31st and the young people can participate either through the game or directly submit their ideas here.


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