Show your own gold  -Visualize and digitalize your biography

"Show your own gold – a European Concept to Visualize and Reflect One’s Vocational Biography Using Digital Media”

This EU-funded project "Show your own gold" aims to develop a European concept for consultancy, including course design and its’ application, in order to enable young, unemployed people to display their ‘vocational biography’. It intends to encourage self-awareness of young people, fostering competencies for approaching the labour market. This is realized by producing a digital narrative for learning using digital media, to be provided online, visualizing the learning history of the past, vocational and educational experiences, informally and formally acquired skills. Within the framework of the project, both a digital narrative for learning as well as the consultancy offered for the participants of vocational preparation will be developed in the form of a scientifically accompanied series of workshops. Learn more about the Project through this link.