Webinar Phases of adjustment as part of the mobility process

The Euroguidance Network ‘Competence Development Group’ continues to organize FREE webinars on topics of interest for the European Guidance Community.

Our next webinar is titled:

“Phases of adjustment as part of the mobility process”.

Date: 13th December 2019, 11:00-12:45 CET

Through this webinar, we will present Euroguidance Serbia’s current framework of support for learners during periods of mobility. Webinar host is Ružica Madžarević career guidance counselor working on the development and implementation of various career guidance activities in the Serbian Euroguidance center.

Webinar participants will have the opportunity to hear more and discuss the topics below:


  • the different phases of adjustment  experienced by individuals during periods of mobility
  • individual emotional needs of individuals during mobility
  • what we, as guidance practitioners, need to pay attention to when planning support for individuals engaged in mobility

 *Mobility refers to individuals moving to another institution inside or outside of their own country to study or work for a limited time.

If you are interested in this topic, please register for the webinar via the following short form: