The aim of this article byStaffan Nilsson andFredrik Hertzbergis to describe and discuss professionalism and professionalisation of career guidance counselling in Sweden in relation to different logics of professional practice.

The transformation of the labour market and the educational system in Sweden over the past decades has led to an increase in the importance of individual educational and occupational choices and development of career management skills in relation to individual trajectories based on personal interests. Also, individual agency has increased in importance in relation to the quantitative planning of secondary and tertiary education aiming to match supply and demand in the labour market. Within the dominant functionalistic technical-instrumental paradigm, which focus on individual agency and rational choices, the importance of career guidance and counselling has increasingly come into focus.

Cite:Nilsson, S., & Hertzberg, F. (2022). On the Professionalism and Professionalisation of Career Guidance and Counselling in Sweden.Nordic Journal of Transitions, Careers and Guidance,3(1), 1–15.

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