Onderwijskiezer is the essential online source for information on the education and training landscape in Flanders and the Brussels-Capital Region. It is a joint project of the four pupil guidance centre umbrellas: the GO! CLB (Community Education pupil guidance centres), VCLB (Subsidised Free Education pupil guidance centres), OVSG CLB (Education Secretariat of Flemish Cities and Municipalities pupil guidance centres) and POV CLB (Provincial Education Flanders pupil guidance centres) umbrellas.

Onderwijskiezer contains objective, neutral information on every recognised course in Flanders and the Brussels Capital Region. It is kept up to date by a small team of guidance and IT professionals. As a result of strong partnerships (e.g. the Flemish Ministry of Education and Training, the Flemish PES/VDAB), Onderwijskiezer can collect objective information and offer this online in a user-friendly manner. At the same time, Onderwijskiezer carefully retains its own vision and independence.

Onderwijskiezer also offers a number of scientifically based tests that can help young people to explore their interests and study attitude, at key moments during their education and training. The platform includes the guidance tool Columbus (for pupils in their final year in secondary education) and the non-binding teacher training entry test.                                                      

At any time, anyone can ask questions on one or more educational topics through an online module on the platform. An expert answer is guaranteed (usually within 24hrs). The Onderwijskiezer team also offers information and advice to visitors of the annual guidance fairs, which are organized by the Flemish Ministry of Education and Training.

Onderwijskiezer  -Education Selector
  • Author / Originator: The pupil guidance centre umbrellas (GO! CLB, VCLB, OVSG CLB, POV CLB)
  • Country of origin Belgium (Dutch speaking)
  • Resource launch date August 30, 2011
  • Main focus Career Development, Access to Guidance Services, Coordination and Cooperation
  • Modality Remote, Presential
  • Context Schools, Higher Education, Adult education, Employment (PES)
  • Type Tool, Intervention
  • Target group Career Guidance Practitioners, Teachers, Primary School Students, Secondary School Students, Post-Secondary School Students, VET Students, University Students, Jobseekers, Parents, Disadvantaged groups
  • This practice developed through Erasmus+ No
  • Website www.onderwijskiezer.be