The course on Entrepreneurial skills and Knowledge is offered by the Counseling and Career Guidance Center, University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Bucharest


The course provides real and correct information and skills necessary for the students to become an entrepreneur, helping them to develop a business plan, open a business, acquire financial and legal information related to business management, but also the necessary skills for every teacher, professor and auxiliary staff within the university. Course participants will acquire entrepreneurial, financial and legal skills from specialist trainers with proven and long-term expertise.

Course graduates, following the exam, receive the Certificate of Graduation (diploma) "Entrepreneurial, Financial and Legal Competences", CAFFPA, Ministry of Labor and Social Protection and Ministry of Education and Research.

The graduation certificate is accompanied by a Descriptive Supplement, both of which are recognized in Romania and any EU countries.

It addresses:

Those students interested in running their own business, establishing a business, have accessed or are accessing European funds, start-ups or those who just want to be good entrepreneurs.

Teachers who teach optional subjects: entrepreneurship, financial, legal issues.

Graduates with a minimum of high school education, higher education and master's students, who want personal and professional development and to give them the chance to develop their own business


Entrepreneurial Management & Leadership

Sales and customer relations in the entrepreneurial environment

Entrepreneurial project management

Strategy and entrepreneurial thinking

Entrepreneurial communication

The digital business environment

Acquired competences:

Preparation of the business plan

Marketing of the business

Sales techniques

Financial-accounting elements

Business legislation

The legal framework for the operation of a business

Documents required for registration:

-Copy of diploma (minimum primary school)

-Copy of an ID document

-Copy of Marriage Certificate (if applicable)

-Copy of birth certificate

Materials provided:

Course support, additional materials, necessary to deepen the course

The possibility to participate, regardless of the area in which you live, because it is an online course.

Specialized and complementary workshops

Acquire andor enhance entrepreneurial skills and knowledge
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