During the annual Careers Week in Latvia, Valmiera Development Agency organized several activities which took place in schools, in distance learning, and in Valmiera city at the end of the academic school year 2020/2021. Activities for younger grades (1-6) involved the participation of 2135 pupils from 109 classes: 1st-4th graders took part in a video-based quiz called “Uzmini nu” where parents contributed video clips of children describing professions and quiz participants had to guess the profession. There was also a quiz titled “Guess the profession!” made available on the Kahoot platform with contributions of quiz questions from local entrepreneurs. Pupils from grades 5-6 had the opportunity to be part of the “Selfies run through Valmiera” aimed at learning about potential employers, including enterprises and organizations located in Valmiera city. Local businesses also supported the activities by providing photo and video materials as well as prizes for winners of the quizzes. All of the activities were strictly run according to enforced restrictions for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Blended Careers Week activities for Valmiera city