The “My journey– lapbook” programme was inspired by feedback received from students during digital education. While talking with students in person, the creator of the programme found that many felt that digital education was not a good experience, being unable to see the others and missing the activities and time spent together with their peers. This led her to create a programme that involves arts and crafts, trying different digital applications and allowing students to take their creations home. Thus, the idea of the lapbook was created.

A lapbook is actually a flip-through portfolio with content that can be opened to reveal pictures, drawings and written text on a specific topic. As students are actively involved in making it, they remember what they have learnt much better and for a longer time and they also develop their creativity while making it as they can embellish it and make their own illustrations. The result is a unique product that is not only beautiful, but also useful and enables them to experience how to use the internet in a smart way to find information.

For 7th and 8th grade students, the lapbook “My Journey” was designed to enable them to take a deep dive into the topic of self-assessment. In the lapbook “My Journey”, students made a drawing of their development journey or word cloud of their values, along with a puzzle of their dream occupations or used different applications, e.g. LearningApps, to help them create their own word search on the topic ‘What am I interested in?’ or their own crossword puzzle based on the question ‘What am I good at?’ They mapped whether the occupations they chose matched their skill set, gave positive feedback to their peers and made their own business cards.

The power of the lapbook is demonstrated by the fact that it helps create a relaxed atmosphere of acceptance that is often missing from today’s school environment and everyday communication.

This good practice was awarded the Hungarian Euroguidance Career Guidance Special Award for Innovative Individual Support Tool.


My Journey  Lapbook