The high school uses an electronic portfolio in order to effectively map not only the knowledge, but also the experiences, skills and abilities of the pupils. They thus develop their critical thinking and self-reflection as the basis of lifelong learning. They are based on experience with the paper portfolio of pupils and its electronic processing, and respond to the current need to efficiently collect and store a wide range of information in a digital way.

The contents of the portfolio are various students' created and digitally processed records of their activity during their studies. They record, for example, documents about what they have managed, what skills they have acquired, what successes they have achieved, evidence of activity and active participation in events and actions that have influenced them. Their introduction was motivated by the need for a tool that would systematically support and record the student's professional growth.

The creation of an electronic portfolio starts from the first year. In the course of their studies, students can effectively map their development, create a more comprehensive picture of themselves and take responsibility for their career path.

The electronic portfolio as an output of mapping the students' career path provides students with answers to questions about what they enjoy, what their strengths are and what they want to do next. It helps students to rely on acquired skills, to return to them and supplement them, and at the same time it will serve them in the future when building their own professional path. In the matriculation year, it serves as a basis for deciding on the choice of field of study and work, and at the same time as a basis for individual consultations. In the process of introducing the electronic portfolio, all teachers were involved by the career advisor, who at the same time provide students with mentor guidance within individual subjects, instruct students in the creation of materials, recommend procedures and resources suitable for their electronic portfolio. They have developed a methodology for the introduction of the portfolio, at the same time they work with feedback, on the basis of which the content, structure and form of the pupil's electronic portfolio are adjusted, and other missing activities and activities are added and proposed.

Mapping the student039s career path using an electronic portfolio
  • Author / Originator: High school V. B. Nedožerského Prievidza
  • Country of origin Slovakia
  • Resource launch date December 19, 2023
  • Main focus Career Development
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  • Target group Teachers, Secondary School Students
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