TheOnline Career Counselling Academy OCCAYis an Erasmus+ funded project. Ithelps career counsellors to assess and improve their digital skills, to navigate confidently in the digital world and to provide professional online career counselling.

The Hybrid Flexi Course

How can I protect my data online? What new programs will help me create a resume? How does a firewall work? What is Digital Detox and how can I solve a computer problem myself? These and many other questions are answered in the OCCAY training program. Through learning videos, quizzes and interactive tasks, knowledge that is currently still lacking in many people, but is essential in everyday working life, is imparted in a playful and entertaining way.

In 6 online learning modules, OCCAY offers everything career counsellors need to know in order to integrate digitalization into the counselling process and to accompany their clients accordingly. Also people from the fields of human resources and recruiting as well as private individuals can benefit from this knowledge. All content is available in German, English, Italian and Bulgarian and can be accessed free of charge. The big advantage: In addition to the time flexibility of the digital education offering, the choice of modules is also completely variable. Upon completion of each module, users receive a certificate of attendance, and upon successful completion of the entire course, they receive a personalized certificate.

The Online Counselling Tool

Career guidance requires a high degree of professional competence on the part of the counsellor in order to accompany clients in their career decisions in the best possible way. Four areas must be covered in the counselling process to make sure the collaboration between counsellor and client leads to counselling success: 1. communication, 2. information, 3. work tools and 4. counselling tools.

Especially in the online setting, it is important that all four areas are available, as career guidance cannot fulfil its mandate or can only do so to a limited extent.This is why we OCCAY is creating a specific online tool tailored to the needs of career counselling. OCCAY places the highest value on data security, as the client’s data is sensitive and a high level of data protection will be ensured. The tool will be available by the end of 2023.

Online Career Counselling Academy OCCAY
  • Author / Originator: Claudia Pacher
  • Country of origin Austria
  • Resource launch date September 12, 2023
  • Main focus Career Development
  • Modality Remote
  • Context Adult education, Employment (PES)
  • Type Tool, Training
  • Target group Career Guidance Practitioners, VET Students, Jobseekers, Employers / HR managers / Employees / Jobseekers
  • This practice developed through Erasmus+ Yes
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