Over 14 years of its existence, the National Career Guidance Award has become a well-established and widely recognised initiative of the Euroguidance network. Its purpose is to showcase good guidance practices across Europe and encourage career guidance practitioners to share their experience and know-how with their fellow European colleagues. Therefore, the competition contributes to the overarching mission of the Euroguidance network – to support the development of the European dimension of career guidance.

In 2022, the National Career Guidance Awards were held in five countries: Slovakia, Czechia, Hungary, Latvia and the Republic of Serbia. Over the years it became a tradition among the award hosts to hold at least one award ceremony each year in a more international setting with participants from all the countries involved in the initiative. The 2022 award ceremony in Prague, therefore, provided an opportunity for transnational peer exchange through presentations of good guidance practices from various European countries. In addition, the Prague ceremony was held as part of a broader conference “Competence development for the European guidance community” which celebrated the 30th year anniversary of the Euroguidance network. This gathering proved that mutual exchange and peer learning among fellow European colleagues is essential in improving quality of career guidance services across Europe. In this booklet, you will find descriptions of 23 most inspiring practices from the 2022 National Career Guidance Awards held in Slovakia, Czechia, Hungary, Latvia and the Republic of Serbia. The booklet provides a great source of inspiration for career professionals as it contains a variety of practices that address different target groups and combine various guidance techniques.

We hope you will find these examples interesting and inspiring, and that you will enjoy reading through this booklet.

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